Arkindex is the platform developed by Teklia for the automatic processing of large collections of scanned documents. Arkindex offers the following features:

  • Document management: import and organize images of document from files or IIIF manifests
  • Manual annotation: annotate images with zones, transcriptions and classifications
  • Automatic layout analysis: automatically detect documents components (texts, images, graphics, etc)
  • Automatic printed and handwritten text recognition: for printed (OCR) and handwritten (HTR) documents
  • Automatic named-entity extraction: identify persons, places, organizations, etc.

Arkindex is based on IIIF ( for images and is fully accessible through a REST API.

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Annotation Interface

The annotation interface allows you to:

  • define zones on the images with rectangles or polygones
  • define the type and class of the zones
  • add a manual transcription of the text in the zone

Example of image annotation using our interface

Document classification

  • Visual and text based classification
  • Custom class definition and training
  • Multilabel classification, confidence level

Documents are automatically classified using Machine Learning models

Automatic layout analysis

  • text line detection
  • document structure detection
  • graphical component detection



Automatic Text Recognition (HTR/OCR)

  • Printed text and handwritten text recognition
  • historical and modern handwriting
  • European, Arabic and Chinese languages supported

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Processing steps

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High quality software

We aim to produce high quality software at Teklia: you can view the details of our latest releases on this website.