Document processing with Ocelus

OCELUS is a document recognition web service, both for printed and handwritten document, based on our latest artificial intelligence technology easily accessible through a simple web API. Your document can be processed either in the cloud or on-premises depending on the sensitivity of your data. OCELUS currently segments, extracts and transcribe your printed or handwritten document in multiple languages.

An easy way to transcribe your document

OCELUS is a technology based on Automatic Text Recognition (ATR), the extension of OCR - optical character recognition - to handwritten texts (HTR), that reads printed and handwritten documents such as cover letters, subscription forms, satisfaction polls, purchase orders, medical records, etc. Our document recognition API is very simple : upload your document into OCELUS and retrieve the transcription. Under the hood, our technology does text segmentation and recognition : it identifies words, numbers, sentences and paragraphs and transcribes them into electronic text.

For example, you can send the image letter.pngfor transcription with the French handwriting recognition service using :

curl -F "image=@letter.png" \
--header "API-Key: YOUR-KEY-HERE" \

The transcription result is returned in a simple json format.

If you are not a developer, you can also try our demo at

A customizable document recognition API

Unlike other web API like Google Vision, our text recognition API allows model customization for specific documents. Our technology will read your text according to a pre-determined structure and type of writing. For example, it is particularly useful to retrieve data from subscription forms or purchase orders that often contain both printed and handwritten text.

OCELUS can also be customized with vocabulary specific to your industry. For example, legal professions use particular expressions that do not exist in everyday language. Likewise, our handwritten document API can be adapted to any writing style.

Contact us for a model customization.

Secure your data and save some time

Your documents can be processed in the cloud for convenience, but for sensitive data such as medical or financial records, it is possible to process them on-premises. It allows you to secure your client or patient confidential information. This option is included in our solution pricing.

OCELUS can also be a real time saver, removing several steps from your workflows. Instead of manually reporting the information on your documents onto your client management software, you just have to scan the document and integrate the required data.