We are deeply involved in Artificial Intelligence Research

In order to develop our document and natural language processing solutions, we conduct advanced research on artificial intelligence and deep learning. Our team is composed of great talents that work every day on projects and scientific publications that push forward the state of the art. From Data Scientists to to Full-Stack developers and DevOps, we craft together effective machine learning systems.


Our AI research projects

With the ambition to offer you state-of-the-art machine learning solutions, Teklia conducts several research projects nationally and worldwide. The applications of artificial intelligence are numerous: handwritten and pattern recognition, document analysis, etc. We work together with universities and research centers to analyze and understand historical documents with enhanced intelligent systems.

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Our research papers

Through our research projects and the development of customized AI solutions for companies, our research scientists are led up to write several publications a year based on computational intelligence, data analysis, or machine learning techniques. Those research papers are the results of our progresses in text segmentation, handwriting recognition, document classification or named-entity recognition. Because we like to share knowledge and discoveries, you can meet us at ICDAR, ICFHR, DAS and other international conferences.

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How we work

Our team of AI experts, engineers and web developers works remotely at home or in coworking spaces between Paris, Grenoble or Rouen in France. With a complete tool set and a real interest for open-source, we can offer you a machine learning software fitting your specific needs.

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