Teklia has developed a tool to validate if a website user is a human or a bot (like the famous reCaptcha service from Google).

This tool is available to our partners and clients, to add a customizable form validation on their own website. The setup is relatively straightforward (one Javascript dependency, and one HTTP request on the form submission). See the documentation.

If you want to use Ocapi, contact us!

We currently support 3 types of challenges:

  • a user must write down 2 words or numbers after reading them from 2 images (transcriptions challenge)
  • a user must select all the images described by a word (classification challenge)
  • a user must write down one or more words after listening to an audio sample (audio fallback for people with low-vision)

You can try out the challenges on our demonstration page!

Example of a classification challenge

Example of a transcription challenge, embeeded in a third party website

The original idea was developed in 2018 during a hackathon at the Archives Nationales, under the name CaptchAN, and described in this blog post. The project was then awarded by the Ministère de la Culture in 2019 as a cultural innovative service project. The partners were the Archives Nationales, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Musée de Bretagne and Decalog. Read this post on the project 2 years after its start.