Automatic Document Processing with AI

Teklia facilitates your business-processes through customizable automatic document processing solutions

From optical character recognition (OCR) to document classification and indexation, we use a combination of technologies to help you gain in productivity and flexibility. Much more than just a Document Management system, our product Arkindex, is a complete solution that can be tailored to your activity’s specificities with features such as handwriting recognition, image analysis, or named-entities extraction.


Scan and Import

You can import any kind of documents or any file formats, from scanned images to Word or PDF documents.


Thanks to OCR or HTR, our data capture solution can read any font or handwritten script in multiple languages (French, English, Arabic, Chinese, …).


Powered by AI, it also understands the structure of your documents (titles, section, tables or figures) and analyzes the data according to your needs.

Extract and Classify

Finally, our software use intelligent data extraction to automate the classification, indexation and archiving of your documents.

Discover our technologies

Printed and Handwriten Text Recognition

OCR is a technology to convert images of typed or printed document into electronic text. Our technology can also read any kind of handwriting (HTR).

Document Structure Analysis

Image Analysis extracts meaningful information from an image. Our technology goes much further and can understand the structure of a document (text, illustration, table, etc.).

Named-Entities Recognition

NER is a kind of data extraction that seeks to locate and classify named entities mentioned in unstructured documents, into pre-defined categories (persons, location, codes, etc).

Document Classification

Our technology can categorize simple or multiple page documents, based on their content and their visual elements.


Full text indexing allows you to search your scanned documents with specific requests or keywords, the same way you do with electronic ones.

IIIF Servers

Our software leverage the IIIF standards. We optimize our IIIF servers for automatic document processing.

An Intuitive Document Processing Solution

Any company, public institution or research organization may use Arkindex to process a large range of documents such as invoices, quotes, purchase orders, paperworks, lab reports, birth certificates, and much more.

Teklia’s tool is easy-to-use and customized specifically to your needs. You can retrieve the information needed anytime you want, according to your criteria (names, codes, amounts, dates, items, etc).

Enhance your productivity

Arkindex was made to ease your workflow management by cutting out several tasks that were so far manually done. With Arkindex document classification and indexation is automatic, allowing you to relocate your staff on other more important tasks.

Reduce processing times

With a high volume of documents, retrieving information is easier and faster when data is centralized and sorted. Our document processing software improves your teams’ efficiencies along with supplier and customer communication and therefore satisfaction.

Be more flexible

Combined with a cloud storage system, your data are accessible anywhere and anytime you need it. You can either work remotely or on the field and access your digitized documents easily.