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At TEKLIA, we go beyond traditional forms processing to offer comprehensive key-value extraction solutions. Our advanced technology can identify and extract label-value pairs from any document, not just structured forms, transforming unstructured data into actionable insights.


Efficient key-value extraction

Our solutions are designed to extract key-value pairs from even the simplest cases where labels exist within the document and are closely associated with the value to be extracted.

Using our generic model, we can accurately associate each detected key with its most likely value based on its spatial location.

This technology enables your forms and documents to be transformed into a structured format, ready for analysis and further processing.


Custom models for complex structures

When dealing with documents where the form structure is not explicit, a more specialised approach may be required. In such cases, TEKLIA offers the ability to train custom models that understand the structure of the text.

These models are capable of matching each piece of textual data with its corresponding type, even in the absence of clear key-value indications.

Our custom models are developed using deep learning techniques to ensure they accurately understand and extract your specific form data.

This unique approach increases the efficiency and accuracy of data extraction, ensuring that you derive maximum value from your documents.

Turning unstructured data into actionable insights

TEKLIA's form processing and key value extraction solutions enable you to transform unstructured data into structured digital data. This not only speeds up data retrieval, but also enables more detailed content analysis, information extraction and informed decision making.

Experience the power of advanced forms processing with TEKLIA and let your data lead the way to business growth and success.

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