We develop optical character recognition software and AI-based document processing solutions

Teklia’s expertise is to develop document analysis and processing solutions using, among other things, OCR technology. Our software combines image analysis, printed and handwritten text recognition, text segmentation with a document classification and indexation system. Our objective is to deliver to our clients an automated document processing tool easy-to-use and adapted to their needs. With the same state of mind, we developed additional solutions to enhance both security and business-process.


Ocelus: our text recognition API (OCR/HTR)

Based on our Automatic Text Recognition (ATR) system, Ocelus is an API that recognizes printed and handwritten documents and transcribes them accurately. Thanks to Ocelus, your documents are processed in the cloud or on premise to secure sensitive information. Ocelus can be easily integrated into a web application, an intranet space or a client application. See more details or read the documentation

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Arkindex: our document processing platform

Arkindex is our key product: a complete document processing platform including automatic text recognition engines that allow you to process any document in any file format (PDF Document, image file, handwritten letters and forms, etc) to extract text, analyze the content, then classify and index data according to your own setup. Arkindex can read text in multiple languages such as French, English, Arabic, but also in historical languages like Latin or ancient French for historical research purposes. See more details or read the documentation

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Callico: our collaborative annotation/validation platform

Callico is TEKLIA's collaborative annotation platform. Document annotation and data validation are at the heart of any document processing project. Callico offers both a flexible configuration to adapt to each project and a simplicity that makes it easy to learn even for novice users.

Callico is the only collaborative annotation campaign management platform dedicated to document annotation that combines both image and text. See more details.

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Example of a classification challenge

Ocapi: our "captcha" tool

Along with our OCR program, Teklia developed a form validation tool to secure our clients’ websites, but also our custom document processing solutions. Like Google reCAPTCHA, Ocapi can check if the user is not a robot and therefore avoid hacking and spamming. We use this captcha tool to crowd-source document transcription and classification. See more details or read the documentation

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