We produce high quality software using distributed and remote teams

Teklia is loosely based in Paris and Grenoble (France). Two teams work in parallel:

  • Machine Learning experts (mostly in Paris), work on client's projects using our solutions
  • System engineers and web developers (mostly in Grenoble) build all of our solutions

We work in coworking spaces, or at home, even before 2020!

Our toolbelt

We are proud to use a lot of open source tools

  • Git and Gitlab
  • Docker for CI/CD, deployment, development, ...
  • Linux, especially the Ubuntu distribution
  • We use Python 3 every day, most of our software is built with Python.
  • Our web interfaces are built with Vue.js

If you are familiar with these technologies, do not hesitate to contact us for a job opportunity!

We 💓 open source, and contribute back

Several of our projects are published under gitlab.com/teklia and gitlab.com/arkindex

In 2021, we should be able to release our lightweight Container orchestration tool as an open source library!