Arkindex is TEKLIA's platform for managing and processing large collections of digitised documents. We have been actively developing Arkindex since 2019 and use it intensively in all our projects.


Callico is the annotation and validation platform for digitised documents developed by TEKLIA. We use it in all our projects to generate training data for our Deep Learning models. It is available as open source.

Deep Learning libraries and tools

we publish and maintain our code as open source on Gitlab.

  • Doc-UFCN, a library for detecting objects in scanned documents. See it on PyPi and our GitLab
  • PyLaia, a handwriting recognition library. See it on PyPi and our Gitlab
  • Nerval, a named entity extraction evaluation library. See on GitLab
  • DISS, a document image segmentation scoring library. See it on GitLab

Open deep learning models

we publish our models in free access on HuggingFace

Data tools

Arkindex tools

Open-source tools to interact with Arkindex, the document processing platform

Public Databases