Projects are the first level of organization in Arkindex. You can create new projects from the main page with the "NEW PROJECT" button:

Once the project is created, it can be configured with the "edit" entry in the "Action" menu. Name and description of the project can be modified and the project can be made public so that anyone can access it.

When a project is created, a list of standard element are pre-defined. element are the building blocks of the data organisation in Arkindex: they are used both to describe the organisation of a corpus in folders and pages and to describe the structure of the documents.

This list can be edited to take into account the specificities of the project. When creating a new element, you must specify:

  • its name, to be displayed in the interface
  • its slug, a human-readable unique identifier
  • if the element is a folder or a document (or a part of document).

Elements and folders

Projects are usually organised in folders: folders can contain other folders, and eventually they contain pages. In the following example, Volume is a folder and Page is one page of the document.

You can create a new folder element in a project or in any folder element with the "Actions" menu:

Custom folder elements

By default, all the projects have the element types folder and page pre-defined. But you can define new types of element to reflect the specific structure of your project.

In the following example, an element of type region named BAITADI contains one element of type document named Operational Plans which contains three elements of type groups. The second group element named BAI.DE.10.03 contains one element of type section which finally contains two elements of type page with the corresponding images.

This hierarchy is composed of elements of different types but it could also be composed of elements of the same type, say folder. This choice is up to the user.

Elements have a name which is displayed in the tree and in the breadcrumbs:


In this example, region is a type of element and BAITADI is its name.

Meta-data on folder elements

Elements can have an unlimited number of meta-data:


Read more on metadata

Next step

Once you have defined the organisation of your projects, you can