TEKLIA offers robust document classification solutions designed to classify document images based on their visual aspect, organisation and content. Leveraging the power of OCR and HTR technology, our solutions automatically extract information from documents and use this data for accurate classification.

Dual approach for advanced classification

Our system takes a dual approach to classification. On the one hand, it analyses the visual aspect and organisation of document images, looking at factors such as layout, formatting and image elements. It also uses OCR and HTR to extract and understand the textual content of documents. This combination of visual and textual analysis enables highly accurate and nuanced document classification.

Wide range of applications

TEKLIA's document classification solutions are used in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Document routing: Our solutions can automatically classify and route documents to the appropriate department or person, improving efficiency and reducing manual workload.
  • Document Indexing: By understanding the content and context of documents, our system can help create accurate and meaningful indexes, improving retrieval.
  • Automated response generation: Based on the classification and understanding of documents, our solutions can generate automatic responses to support customer service and other interactive applications.
  • Topic extraction: Our system can identify and extract the main topics from a document, providing a quick overview and aiding in content analysis.
  • Sentiment analysis: By understanding the nuances of text, our solutions can perform sentiment analysis, providing valuable insight into customer feedback or opinion-based text data.

With TEKLIA's document classification solutions, you can harness the power of automated document understanding and turn your document data into valuable, actionable insights.