We are happy to announce that a new Arkindex release is available. You can explore Arkindex and try out the newest features on our demo instance, demo.arkindex.org.

This release introduces easier and faster ways to edit an Element's details or type, an action to create a new Model from the frontend, a new API endpoint to create mutiple Transcription Entities at once, and a creator email filter for Element listing endpoints, as well as other frontend, API and code bugfixes and improvements.


  • Elements can now be filtered by creator email, both in the ListElements, ListElementChildren and ListElementParents API endpoints (see the API documentation) and from the Arkindex frontend.
Creator email filter
Filter elements by creator email
  • The CreateElementParent API endpoint now supports a new type_ordering parameter, allowing you to specify whether the children elements' ordering should depend or not on their type. The default mode remains the one where element ordering is dependent on element types: when a child is added to the parent, its position is relative to existing children elements of the same type, not all children elements. See the API documentation for more information.
  • New actions are available in the Arkindex frontend to edit an element's details or element type. Element details could previously only be edited from the children tree: there is now an icon to edit those details next to the element's name in the details panel on the image's right. A new Type Edition tool has also been added to the annotation panel, which also supports batch editing element types by clicking them on the image.

Edit element icon
Edit an element's details from the details panel

Type edition tool
Type edition tool in the annotation panel

  • The DestroyElementParent API endpoint has been optimized to be faster when the parent that is being removed is not the only parent of the child element.

Transcriptions and transcription entities

  • A new API endpoint CreateTranscriptionEntities can now be used to create multiple Transcription Entities at once. See the API documentation for details.
  • In the context of the migration from Worker Versions to Worker Runs as the main identifying source for objects created by Machine Learning processes, the ListTranscriptions and ListTranscriptionEntities endpoints now support a Worker Run filter. See the API documentation for details.

Machine Learning workers


  • It is now possible to create new Models from the Arkindex frontend, through a Create a model button on the Models list page.

New model creation
Create a new machine learning Model

  • A new arkindex elements ml-splits command is available in the Arkindex Command Line Interface to create training / validation / test data splits for Machine Learning training from data that is on Arkindex.


  • Applying a template to a Workers Process now correctly applies the corresponding Model Versions.

Users and authentication

  • It is now possible from the Arkindex administration interface to flag a User Group so that it is added automatically to any new Project that is created.
  • The is_internal flag on users that was previously used to limit access to bulk creation API endpoints and Tasks authentication has been removed. This represents a security gain. The former is_internal users have been automatically promoted to instance admins, and Tasks are now authenticated using a token linked to the User who started the process, allowing their rights and permissions to be transfered to that Task.


  • A new keyboard shortcut is available on the Arkindex frontend: from an Element's page, in order to load more of this Element's children, you can now use the m key shortcut. The list of available keyboard shortcuts can be displayed by hitting the ? key on Arkindex.
Arkindex keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Arkindex


  • The Project SQLite export now supports exporting Elements that have multiple parent Elements.
  • The Transkribus import no longer ignores folders if they have a similar name to an already existing folder.
  • A bug has been corrected in the Transkribus import which caused element creations to fail because the image's dimensions were not stored correctly.
  • The Arkindex backend, tasks and CLI have been updated to use Python 3.10.