We are happy to announce that a new Arkindex release is available. You can explore Arkindex and try out the newest features on our demo instance, demo.arkindex.org.

Technical release notes for developers and instance administrators are available here.


Following the introduction of the RestartTask API endpoint in 1.6.0, process tasks are no longer being overwritten when restarted. This release introduces a link between the old task and the restarted one, using a new original_task_id attribute on tasks. The old tasks are suffixed in order to distinguish them from the new ones.

process restarted task
A process with a restarted task

restarted task logs header
Task logs header with details

It is now possible to create a new process from the elements on which a previous process failed, thanks to a new CreateProcessFailures API endpoint. This action is available from the Workers Activity view of a process.

Access worker activity view from process
Access the worker activity view from a process

From this page, you can create a new process using all the elements on which the previous process failed. You will then be able to configure your process (by selecting workers etc) just like any other process. You can also add all the elements on which the process failed to your selection.

process from failures
Create a new process from failed elements

As part of our ongoing effort to convert internal Arkindex tasks into workers, for more flexibility and easier maintainability, the elements initialisation task at the start of all worker processes has been converted into a worker itself. This does not change anything when you create a worker process, as this step is still added automatically. A new setting has been added for instance administrators, to specify the version of the elements initialisation worker to use.

When viewing the configuration of a process that has already been started and is no longer configurable, the advanced settings are now being retrieved from the process and correctly displayed.

process advanced settings
Advanced settings of a started process

[Enterprise Edition] The handling of hardware requirements for tasks being run using super-computers with Slurm has been updated. Ponos agents now have a mode, which can be either Slurm or Docker, and for Slurm mode agents the hardware reporting requirement has been removed as it does not make sense to report the state of a Slurm frontend host only.

The length of time after which a process task is considered as expired, and can be deleted as part of cleanup, can now be configured on Arkindex instances using a new setting.

Machine learning workers and models

  • Creating a new model from the models list no longer takes you to a new page, but opens a model creation modal instead. This is the same behavior as when you create a new worker from the worker list.
  • The ValidateModelVersion endpoint has been removed, and merged into (Partial)UpdateModelVersion. This endpoint can now be used to make a model version available for processes.
  • Archived models and workers that are not linked to any existing results on an Arkindex instance are now deleted by the cleanup tasks, after a delay that can be set using dedicated settings, and defaults to 30 days.
  • The ListWorkerActivities API endpoint now supports new filters: worker_version_id, model_version_id and worker_configuration_id.

User profile and group management

The profile management page, which can be accessed from the e-mail address dropdown menu in the main navbar, now properly allows users to manage their profile. You can update your display name, as well as change your password.

user profile view
User profile management

The e-mail verification procedure has been updated as well, and now relies on a new VerifyEmail API endpoint.

[Enterprise Edition] Creating a new user group from the groups management tab no longer takes you to a new page, but opens a creation modal instead.

UX improvements

  • The action buttons placement on all modals has been homogenized across Arkindex: they are now placed in the bottom right corner.
  • The transcription panel is now displayed for folder-type elements as well as elements with images, as transcriptions can sometimes be aggregated at a parent element's level.
  • [Enterprise Edition] The management of ML Classes within a project is now restricted to project administrators, as is the case for other similar project properties (element types, allowed metadata, entity types).
  • [Enterprise Edition] A number of buttons and fields that were not previously disabled when a user did not have sufficient rights to perform an action are now correctly disabled.

Command Line Interface

You can find the dedicated CLI documentation here.

  • It is now possible to send a worker name and a worker description when publishing a worker version using the arkindex worker publish command.
  • The arkindex elements ml-splits command, which is used to create datasets for machine learning, has been updated to use set_names instead of sets. This is a follow-up after the changes introduced in 1.6.0.
  • The arkindex export entities command now supports filtering the exported entities by parent element type and worker version ID.
  • An obsolete filter for deprecation warnings that no longer exist was removed.
  • Obsolete fields were removed from the worker configuration parser.


  • The code that generates thumbnails for elements in the Arkindex frontend has been updated to handle IIIF URLs that contain query parameters.
  • An unhandled error when attempting to delete an element that is part of a dataset is now properly handled by the frontend.
  • A bug which prevented S3 imports from being assigned to farms and starting in the [Enterprise Edition] has been fixed in the CreateS3Import API endpoint.

Code clean-up

  • The obsolete EntityRole and EntityLink data models have been removed. This implied a new version of the Arkindex Export library as these tables were previously exported. However, older exports can still be re-imported into Arkindex: these tables are simply ignored.
  • As part of our ongoing work to remove Git support from Arkindex, the repository and revision management API endpoints have been removed, as well as the frontend view listing repositories.