• Element, Project and Process UUIDs displayed in the frontend are now copyable.

Easily copyable element UUID.

  • Process logs now support color ANSI escape codes, allowing for a prettier/clearer display in the Process status page.


A template with unavailable worker versions warnings.

  • It is no longer possible to create Worker Runs, start Processes, apply Templates or build Task recipes using Worker Versions that are not available, and warnings are displayed when trying to do so.
  • All Worker Activity objects must now have a process_id set. Deleting any process will delete all worker activities and not just the ones in a queued state.
  • When a process does not have a workflow, the frontend now displays an information notification, instead of a never-ending loading notification. This could occur when workflows expire.

No workflow notification.

S3 Import

  • PDF files are now imported from S3 buckets into Arkindex as folders, with one element per page. Any transcriptions they contain are imported as well.


Elements listing endpoints

  • The Element listing endpoints now support filtering with Worker Run IDs. This impacts the following endpoints: ListElements, ListElementParents, ListElementChildren as well as their Destroy counterpoints.
  • The order field on the ListElementChildren, ListElements and ListElementParents endpoints now supports new sorting parameters. The retrieved children elements can be sorted by the centroid of their polygons, according to a "reading order": horizontal-lr, horizontal-rl, vertical-lr and vertical-rl. For detailed explanations, see the API documentation.

Model Version API

To support the logging of metrics during Machine Learning training processes, the Model Version API has been updated. - The CreateModelVersion endpoint, which no longer requires the hash, archive_hash and size fields. It now creates "empty" Model Versions, without an archive, as the model hasn't finished training yet. - A new endpoint, ValidateModelVersion, validates the model archive and updates the Model Version to the available state.


  • Obsolete and unused fields (width, height and server) have been removed from the CreateImage endpoint.
  • The obsolete dates and raw_dates fields have been removed from Entity API endpoints.
  • The bulk classification creation endpoint CreateClassifications now requires either a Worker Run ID or a Worker Version ID to be set.
  • It is now possible to create Transcriptions on Elements that do not have a polygon and/or an image using the CreateTranscription endpoint.

Bug fixes

  • Worker Runs in a project no longer prevent its deletion.