Two new Model details and Model Version details views are available, at /model/$model-id and /model-version/$model-version-id respectively. The model version view is also accessible from the Worker Run details modal.

Model Version details


  • An invalid worker configuration now stops the build for its worker version, not allowing the creation of an invalid/unusable worker version.
  • The worker versions in the worker results deletion modal are now sorted alphabetically.

Worker results deletion modal

Worker configurations

  • It is now possible to edit an existing (non-archived) worker configuration's name.

Edit a configuration's name

  • In order to fix a display bug when using list of booleans worker configuration parameters, booleans in the worker configuration form are now displayed as checkboxes instead of round toggles.

Worker Activities

Element processing times in worker activity

  • The average minimum, maximum, average and medium processing time per element is now displayed in the worker activities.
  • Running a process on elements that have more than one parent no longer generates duplicated worker activities.


Search interface with sources

  • It is now possible to filter Search results by source (Elements, Transcriptions, Entities or Metadata).
  • Switching between projects using the select no longer triggers a search on the previously selected project.
  • It is now possible to re-run the same search by clicking the Search button again.


  • Two new API endpoints have been created, to allow the logging of metrics during a Machine Learning training process: CreateMetricValue and CreateMetricValues.
  • It is not longer possible to create a training process using a worker version that is not of state available.


Detailed errors in the metadata creation form

  • It is now possible to save/create a metadata byt hitting the Enter key.
  • Detailed errors are now displayed within the metadata creation form.
  • A cog icon now allows you to see the Worker Run details on a MetaData.

Worker Run details icon on MetaData


Worker Run summary and filter on Entities list

  • It is now possible to filter entities by Worker Run, and the Worker Run summary is displayed and clickable to access the Worker Run details.
  • The Worker Run summary and details are also accessible from the Entity details page.


  • The bulk classification creation endpoint CreateClassifications (API doc) now uses the ML Class UUIDs instead of their name.
  • A new RetrieveModel endpoint has been added.
  • The Worker Run object returned by endpoints such as ListWorkerRun or CreateWorkerRun no longer contains the separate IDs of the objects it contains (such as a worker_run_id when it also contains worker_run which already has the ID).
  • The CreateElements and CreateMetaDataBulk endpoints now require either a Worker Version ID or a Worker Run ID to create objects, as these endpoints are designed to be used by Machine Learning Workers, not humans.


A bug which prevented some expired workflows from being deleted was corrected, allowing us to free up a lot of storage space.