A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org.

You can learn more about Arkindex on its official documentation.

Machine Learning models training

  • It is now possible to start a Machine Learning model training process on a given project from Arkindex's frontend.

Model training form

  • We now also display detailed information on which Machine Learning model, process, and worker version have been used to create new machine learning results (elements, transcriptions, classifications and transcription entities.)

Basic worker run summary

Updated projects list

  • Public and private projects the user has access to are now grouped under two different tabs on the project list.

'My Projects' and 'Public Projects' tabs

  • Project with a pipe | in their name are now grouped together in the project list.

Projects grouped by prefix in the project list

File import

There have been some improvements to the file import interface:

  • It is now possible to select / unselect all uploaded files at once;
  • It is now possible to delete all uploaded files at once.

Uploaded files list

The PDF import now detects when a PDF is in Arabic, and the transcriptions are imported with the correct text orientation.

Bug fixes

  • The process graph display has been restored on the process status page.
  • The zoom slider on element images responds to clicks on its +/- buttons again.