A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org.

You can learn more about Arkindex on its official documentation.


A new list type is now supported when creating user-configurable parameters for workers. For usage details and examples see the dedicated subsection of the Arkindex documentation.

A parameter of type list in the configuration form

It is now possible to archive worker configurations. Archived worker configurations can still be browsed in a dedicated tab in the configuration selection modal. Configurations can be archived or (re)enabled from this modal. Archived configuration have to be enabled before they can be used to configure a worker.

Enabled and archived configurations

The configuration selection modal also now better handles a user attempting to create a configuration that already exists: if this happens, an error message gives the name of the existing configuration and allows selecting this configuration directly.

Existing configuration error message


  • Manually created transcriptions and transcription entities can now be retrieved directly using the worker_version=False filter with the ListTranscription and ListTranscriptionEntities endpoints.
  • The default ordering of elements retrieved with the ListElementChildren endpoint is now position (instead of name), as was already the case in the frontend.
  • Elements are no longer duplicated in ListElementChildren results when some of their parent elements have multiple parents.
  • The ListSelection and RemoveSelection endpoints can now use a corpus filter.


  • The ListTranscription endpoint has be optimized to be much faster when the recursive option is used.
  • The CreateElementParent and MoveElement endpoints have been optimized to be faster, especially when applied to elements that have children: the Element.add_parent operation now uses raw SQL when the element already has an existing parent.


The ListElementEntities endpoint has been deprecated, and will be deleted in the next release.


A confirmation modal has been added when attempting to delete a transcription from the details panel.

Transcription deletion confirmation modal

It is now possible to manually add a classification to an element even if the same classification has already been created on that element by a machine learning worker.

The same classification from a human and a worker