A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org.

You can learn more about Arkindex on its official documentation.

Confidence score

This release brings several improvements relative to the confidence score associated with the Machine Learning results created on Arkindex.


Arkindex elements now support a confidence score directly set on the element (instead of relying on metadata).

Several endpoints now support this score:

  • CreateElement and CreateElements when creating new elements,
  • ListElements, ListElementChildren and ListElementParents when listing existing elements.

The element confidence score is displayed on the detailed view of an element.


The elements transcriptions already supported a confidence score, but it was not displayed cleanly on the details of an element.

The transcription confidence score is displayed on the detailed view of an element.


We have streamlined the confidence display to use a shared visual component amongst all uses (element, transcription and classification).

The classification confidence score is displayed on the detailed view of an element.

CLI Documentation

We have worked extensively on documentation for our official Command Line Interface, and published a new website cli.arkindex.org that describes all the available commands through the open-source project arkindex-cli.

This project extends Arkindex features and is really useful for specific data import or exports.

Gitlab Authentication

We have updated our internal Gitlab token management to support expired OAuth token as their expiry is enforced since Gitlab version 15.0.

If you have trouble with your own git repositories in Arkindex, head to the OAuth credentials list (under /user/profile of your Arkindex instance, then OAuth tab). If you see your Gitlab credentials marked as erroneous, click on Retry.


The user interface of Arkindex, as well as the ListElements, ListElementChildren endpoints now support the random ordering of elements. This can be useful to get a random sample of a list of elements to create training splits.

List elements in a random order

API Changes

  • All users can now use the CreateTranscriptionEntity endpoint, which was previously restricted to internal (workers) usage;
  • It isn't possible anymore to change the worker version ID on a worker result using API endpoints;
  • It isn't possible anymore to create duplicate metadata using the Partial/UpdateMetaData endpoints.

Worker run

We are also working on extending Machine Learning results API creation endpoints to support the new worker_run_id. This is a preliminary step to support Machine Learning model training and execution of generated models into Arkindex.

Worker runs are now supported in the following endpoints:

  • CreateClassification
  • CreateClassifications
  • CreateElement
  • CreateElements
  • CreateElementTranscriptions
  • CreateEntity
  • CreateMetaData
  • CreateMetaDataBulk
  • CreateTranscription
  • CreateTranscriptionEntity
  • CreateTranscriptions