A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org.

You can learn more about Arkindex on its official documentation.

Machine learning processes

Models management

We continued working on the new models management system introduced in release 1.2.3. Users can now delete their own model versions.

Model owners can also easily manage access rights for their models, using our ACL system. The permissions are documented in our official documentation.

Manage access rights for models and their versions

We also worked on our open-source Arkindex API client to add a command allowing us to transition our Machine learning models from Git storage towards this new system.


A nice improvement for users with access to a lot of workers: it is now possible to filter the list of available workers by type.

Filter workers by their types

We also made a few internal fixes around the creation of new processes:

  • It isn't possible anymore to create an empty process without workers,
  • The user configuration parameters are now sorted alphabetically,
  • The initialization of a new process is now faster, thanks to improved underlying SQL queries.

API changes

  • The API now prevents the creation of elements with polygons (partially or completely) outside of images. Any pre-existing elements outside of images remain unchanged and available.
  • The ListElements and ListElementChildren endpoints now support an optional parameter with_metadata to list related metadatas.

UI changes

There are now two options available when creating a new project from the Arkindex instance homepage:

  • creating an empty project,
  • or importing images, elements and transcriptions from a Transkribus collection.

Create an empty project or import from Transkribus

We also fixed a few bugs, which affected Chrome users especially (internally we mainly use Firefox, which is the browser we recommend using):

  • In the templates selection modal, the selected template is now highlighted in the menu,
  • Element previews in context no longer use invalid source images,
  • Large textual content (project or element names) can no longer break the element and project lists display in Chrome,
  • Display issues with the classification suggestion dropdown (which sometimes followed the scroll) have been fixed.


Following the work done in previous releases, we now cleanup some additional components every day:

  • Obsolete model version artifacts,
  • Orphaned Ponos logs.