A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org.

You can learn more about Arkindex on its official documentation.

Entities display redesign

Following the changes in the transcription panel of the previous release, the display of entities on a transcription has been redesigned to make the text more readable, handle nested entities, and better show when something appears to be wrong.

New entity display with nested entities

A warning icon is displayed when an entity overflows the length of the transcription or when it overflows a parent entity; entities that only partially overlap each other are not supported.

The worker version filter has also been changed to make it more consistent. It now filters on the workers that have linked entities to the transcription, instead of those that created the named entities. You can still see which worker has created an entity by clicking on the underlined portion of text to get to the entity details page.


This release also includes several metadata-related changes, to continue the ongoing process of making metadata usage easier in Arkindex.

Allowed metadata management

It is now possible for project admins to manage the allowed metadata of their projects in the frontend, without having to resort on the admin interface.

Allowed metadata in the project properties page

URL metadata type

A new URL metadata type has been introduced. It restricts the value to a valid HTTP or HTTPS URL, and the frontend displays a clickable link to make it easier to relate an element to external resources.

External links embedded in metadata

Entities on metadata

Following the changes for entities on transcription, the All entities panel has been removed. Metadata with entities are now displayed among the other metadata in the Metadata panel.

Entities on metadata are now displayed along other metadata

The ListElementMetaData endpoint has been updated so that metadata with entities are also returned without having to resort on ListElementEntities. For consistency, the CreateElementMetaData endpoint has also been updated to rename the entity field to entity_id.

Metadata contains operator

A new operator has been added for the Metadata value filter in the filter bar: you can now filter elements to only include those with metadata whose values contain a string.

The new metadata value contains operator

User rights

Elements have a new Creator field to store the user that created an element. This is displayed only for logged-in users to protect privacy.

As a side effect, it is now possible for users with a contributor access level to a project to delete their own elements. Project admin access will still be required to delete elements made by others, by workers, or whose creator is unknown.

Contributors can now delete their own elements


  • An experimental GPU support for workers is now available in the advanced settings of a new process.
  • Worker activities are now enabled by default in new processes.
  • Each panel in the project or process worker activity pages is now expanded by default.