A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org.

You can learn more about Arkindex on its official documentation.

Navigation in projects

Browsing and filtering elements in projects has been revamped to allow more explicit and more complex filters using a "filter bar". It allows you to refine your query incrementally and provides suggested values whenever possible.

The new filter bar helps creating complex queries

You will find next to this filter bar some new options to sort elements: you can now sort by name, creation date, or position in a parent folder.

New element sorting options

ML class management

A new item in the project actions menu allows project administrators to browse and add, rename or delete ML classes, without needing the help of an instance administrator.

The new ML class management page

Rotation and mirroring panel

The rotation and mirroring attributes of elements, introduced in the previous release, can now be easily edited from the web interface.

New orientation panel

Visual changes

New settings have been added to allow instance administrators to display a message when the web interface is loaded. This can be particularly useful for maintenance operations.

A warning message shown on one of our own instances

The transcriptions panel shown when viewing an element has been redesigned to make it cleaner and put more emphasis on who produced each transcription.

Transcriptions are now grouped by workers

Finally, higher zoom levels were added to the annotation interface to make it easier to draw more precise polygons, especially on small images.

API changes

  • Corpus rights are now documented properly in our OpenAPI specification.
  • An AllowedMetaData is now automatically created if it did not exist when a worker creates metadata.
  • The Arkindex API client's pagination helpers can now handle endpoints that are not actually paginated.
  • The ListWorkersDeprecated and CreateWorkersDeprecated endpoints have been removed.

Other changes

  • A new administrator command has been added to import Arkindex's own exports.
  • A project's top-level type can now be edited in the web interface by project administrators.
  • The annotation interface now allows smaller polygons to be drawn.


  • Exports now have a version number to help with managing future changes in their structure.
  • Exports now include indexes on foreign keys to make queries faster.
  • Image servers are now included in exports.
  • Repository URLs are now included for worker versions in exports.


  • Tokenizer settings were updated to allow searching on sentences and not just an exact word match.