A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org

This should be the last minor release before the major release 1.0.0.


We are happy to release the official Documentation for Arkindex, available freely to everyone on doc.arkindex.org. We'll continue to update it for each future release of Arkindex.

Homepage of our documentation website

You will find howtos, data concepts explanations, and detailed information about Arkindex there (in English only).

New style for the web interface

As we are approaching the 1.0.0 release, we decided to update a bit the style of our web interface. It now uses our company's logo colors, and brings a better first experience for new users.

New style of the Arkindex homepage

We have also worked on cleaner interfaces (single page for project management, user profile now uses tabs, ...). You can experience all of these updates on demo.arkindex.org.


The web interface around processes and worker selection has also been worked on, to improve usability and fix some issues.

Easier to use Machine Learning worker list

Here are the main improvements: - It's now possible to view all the workers you have access to, directly from the top right menu : My workers - Processes are ordered by last update or task last update - Worker types are now displayed to categorize the workers - A simpler list of workers is first displayed, but you can still view the full list

Markdown Metadatas

We now support Markdown formatting for Elements metadatas (instead of raw HTML).

You can now edit a Markdown metadata directly from the web interface, and see its HTML rendered immediately. This removes potential Javavscript XSS security issues.

API changes

  • Output trancriptions IDs in CreateTranscriptions and CreateElementTranscriptions endpoints.
  • Simple mode for ListWorkerVersions endpoint to list commonly used workers first
  • Add a with_zone option on [ListProcessElements](https://demo.arkindex.org/api-docs/#operation/ListProcessElements
  • Finally, we have also worked on several API endpoints to increase or correct their minimum access requirements (element neighbors, element deletion, ...). These changes are documented on the API reference.