A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org


You can now select which farm (group of servers) will execute a workflow. A default farm is configured on each Arkindex instances, but you can also manually select a farm through the web interface for worker processes (when creating a process, in Advanded settings):

Select an agent farm in the advanced settings when creating a wprocess

The processes now use the same right management system as Projects and Workers. You will always have access to your own processes, but yto view other's processes, you'll need to have access to the relevant Project or Worker.


We are always working on bringing better performance to the Arkindex API:

  • Allow an instance administrator to select an Element type as top level type: this simplifies a lot the main query when navigating a huge project,
  • Improve some SQL queries performance by tuning the index algorithm,
  • Reduce number of queries in the Administrator interface for elements,
  • Avoid loading the children tree when it is hidden on a folder element.

API Changes

  • Rename version_id to worker_version_id on WorkerRuns,
  • Restore worker slug on RetrieveWorkerVersion,
  • New API endpoint DestroyWorkerResults to delete Worker Results linked to a WorkerVersion,
  • Remove DataImportMode.Elements, as it's been deprecated for a while, and replaced by DataImportMode.Workers,
  • Minor changes on the API documentation: CreateElement response description was invalid, and the external documentation link was outdated.


We have made some small changes to our web interface:

  1. Rewrote the Process and task polling using a more modern and testable approach,
  2. Better error management when navigating between elements and projects,
  3. Implemented a new algorithm to display and filter elements children tree: it's now possible to filter on a specific type, and still view the elements hierarchy (see example below).

Filtering by lines still display the line hierarchy