A new release is available for Arkindex instances. You can test it on our demo instance: demo.arkindex.org

Worker rights

The big feature of this release is the introduction of our rights management system for Workers and their Repositories.

Arkindex instance administrators and users can now specify who has access to the repositories they import, as well as each worker those contain.

You can now set who has access to specific workers

You can use the same groups as for corpus rights to give access to multiple people at once.

We have also simplified the worker selection interface when starting a process. You do not have to select a repository anymore, you can directly select a worker by name!

The new worker selection interface


We have upgraded our OpenAPI schema generation system and the API documentation (available as /api-docs on any Arkindex instance). You can browse them on our demo instance.

The OpenAPI schema is now smaller, and uses internal references to avoid code duplication, causing the API client to load faster.

We also have renamed a few misnamed endpoints (they should not affect any customer):

  • From DeleteCorpusSelection to DestroyCorpusSelection
  • From CreateMembershipCreate to CreateMembership
  • From CreateAgentCreate to CreateAgent

API changes

We now support the Transcription.confidence value, as an alias for the original score value. This is available on all Transcription endpoints.

In a few releases, we'll deprecate the Transcription.score value, to be consistent with other Machine Learning results that all use a confidence value.

Other changes include:

  • Removal of the link between Metadata and Git Revision: it was unused and made some changes more complex for us.
  • Automatically create image servers from most IIIF URLs in imports (this avoids a lot of bad imports)
  • Allow a user to revoke their own membership (on group, corpus, workers, ...)

Web interface

We have made a lot of small changes to the web interface:

  • Streamline error management on some components (it's an ongoing process to display more cleanly the errors when they might happen)
  • Disable group actions for non-admins
  • Add a button to show/hide the children tree on a non-folder element
  • Include Load Children in controls group on Process page
  • Only display the Search Reindex button for instance admins
  • Remove upload button from file import
  • Add some restrictions to match backend rights
  • Add colors for erroneous process logs
  • Refresh jobs list every 10 seconds when the modal is opened
  • Propagate Navigation filters to Process creation page


  • Support IIIF manifest with a JSON charset during imports
  • Support long content-type during IIIF import (some IIIF servers provide really detailed content-types)
  • Avoid stale read issues when creating Element links
  • Handle null worker_version field creating a manual classification
  • Be more restrictive on some rights management updates (between admin & normal users)
  • Optimize ListElementLinks SQL queries