A new release is available for Arkindex instances. It's mainly a maintenance release, with few features and some bugfixes.

Elements deletion

We have replaced the Django channels asycnhronous task system by Python RQ which is simpler, and easier to monitor.

This now allow us to make the project deletion work from the web interface (be careful, once deleted a project cannot be recovered!).

We have also worked toward better performance for the Element deletion mechanism. More on that topic in the next release...


The workers running our Machine Learning tasks have also been updated:

  • The agents now report their current performance status (CPU & RAM) when retrieving new tasks. This allows us to implement a better task assignation algorithm, thus improving the overall performance of the system.
  • No more include/exclude tags management, as this was too complex to use,
  • There is a setting to disable the docker cleaner process on agents

Transkribus import

The Transkribus import now uses the new worker version system to publish transcriptions, for a better traceability.


  • Fix stale read issue on CreateElement and CreateTranscriptions endpoints
  • Fix auth and corpus right checks in CreateClassification
  • Allow ListTranscriptions on folder elements