• List top level elements when browsing a project (no more default type). This is a noticeable change as the default project view will only lists the elements without any parents from now on.
  • You can now select an element on the tree by clicking on it, updating the details displayed on the right side. You can immediately update its classification, metadata, transcription...

<embed alt="A selected element" embedtype="image" format="fullwidth" id="127"/>

  • The selected elements are now persisted in the database (instead of the session), bringing much better performances on those operations.

Git Workflows

Arkindex is now capable of building Docker images to build complex workflows! This is a first tangible step towards a full MLOps experience (developing an ML model on your computer, and publishing it directly on Arkindex through a simple git push).

<embed alt="A docker build in Arkindex" embedtype="image" format="fullwidth" id="128"/>

We have also made some improvements in this area:

  • Allow normal users to start an import of their Git repositories in their projects
  • Slow the refresh rate of workflows state
  • Deprecation of the payload on Data Imports
  • You can't start an ML workflow during the import: this is a simplification as that feature was not used a lot. ML Workflows can still be started after an import!


The file import is much nicer now, supporting direct upload to AWS S3 (no size limit!) and a progress bar is displayed during your upload. You can also upload multiple files sequentially, selecting them all at once on your computer.


  • A lot of fixes around the new support of Postgresql clusters (stale reads)
  • Allow actions on project when immediately created
  • Allow folder creation on empty projects
  • Better class selection when creating an element