Christopher has 20 years of experience in Machine Learning both in the academy and in the industry.  He graduated from ENSIIE and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université de Lyon-Saint-Etienne.

Christopher started working the field of Machine Learning by developing speech recognition systems at IDIAP in Switzerland. He was postdoctoral reseacher in Yoshua Bengio's lab MILA in Montreal. He joined the French company A2iA to develop automatic classification of scanned documents. He as the leader of A2iA research team on handwriting recognition and participated to many collaborative projects with French and European laboratories. With his team, he developed handwriting recognition systems based on deep neural networks that ranked at the top of many international evaluations in French, English and Arabic handwriting recognition (OpenHaRT11, OpenHaRT2013, Maurdor). In 2015, he founded TEKLIA to develop products and services for automatic scanned document understanding based on Deep Learning.

He is associated researcher at the LITIS lab and teaches Machine Learning at CentraleSupélec Exed and in Master Data Science and Engineering at Université de Rouen.

↳ Linkedin - @christopher-kermorvant