At the PictorIA seminar on June 26, 2024, at the National Library of France, Bastien Abadie, Teklia's Chief Technical Officer, presented the specific needs for document processing via Machine Learning, with a particular focus on the intensive use of IIIF in Teklia's products.

The PictorIA consortium is dedicated to the analysis of digital visual corpora in the humanities and social sciences using artificial intelligence tools. Teklia is part of this consortium to bring its expertise in document processing and the use of our products.

The IIIF protocol is increasingly used by public institutions to share their image collections and allow researchers worldwide to collaborate, benefiting from tools based on this open and standardized technology. During the creation of Arkindex, Teklia's technical team chose to support exclusively images exposed on IIIF servers. This presentation at the PictorIA seminar precisely illustrates the evolution of the company and the software architecture of our own IIIF servers.

Évolution de l'architecture de serveurs IIIF

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