TEKLIA opens Arkindex to the world

TEKLIA is pleased to announce that Arkindex, our platform for managing and processing large collections of digitized documents, is now open source under the AGPL-v3 license, starting with version 1.6.0.
This decision aims to foster a larger community of Arkindex users and accelerate the platform's development.


Why go Open Source?

The decision to transition Arkindex to an open-source model stems from our commitment to three core objectives:

  • Accessibility for all: Accessibility is at the heart of this initiative. We believe that everyone, from individual researchers to large institutions, should have access to world-class document AI based processing tools. Open-sourcing Arkindex breaks down barriers and makes it easily accessible to a wider audience.
  • Ensuring longevity and investment security: the decision to open source Arkindex is a strategic move aimed at ensuring long-term durability and ongoing support. This decision reassures users and organizations that their investment in Arkindex is secure. By opening up the code base, we are ensuring that Arkindex remains a sustainable and evolving solution that adapts to technological advances and user needs.
  • Expanding the user community: By making Arkindex open source, we aim to welcome a wider audience of users and contributors. This not only enriches the platform with diverse perspectives but also fosters a strong sense of community among users from diverse backgrounds.


Starting today we offer Arkindex under two editions:

  • Community Edition is the open-source version, you can use it freely for all your open-source projects.
  • Enterprise Edition is available to our customers, with extended support, help and training available. It can scale to hundreds of GPU-enabled servers, and even support super-computers through slurm.

For a more in-depth exploration of Arkindex's features, please refer to our comprehensive feature documentation. For an overview of the different versions and their pricing, please consult our Arkindex pricing page.

Arkindex: A Closer Look

Arkindex is not just a tool, it's a complete solution for the automated processing of digitized documents. It offers a range of features to meet different document management and analysis needs:

  • Versatile document management: Easily import, organize and manage images in a variety of formats. Arkindex is based on IIIF.
  • Detailed manual annotation: Tools for annotating images, transcribing text and adding classifications and metadata.
  • Automated processing capabilities: Includes layout analysis, OCR/HTR for text recognition and named entity extraction.
  • Advanced workflow management: Customize, monitor and adapt complex workflows to meet different processing requirements.
  • Seamless integration and accessibility: Custom integration of any algorithm using Docker and fully accessible via a REST API for easy integration.
  • Collaborative annotation campaigns through its companion tool Callico



Arkindex is our main product and we'll keep maintaining and developing it now, and in the long term.

Here is a roadmap of the main changes you can expect to see in the next months:

  • Better build system for the frontend using vite and Typescript (July 2024)
  • Simpler worker updates using Docker images instead of Git repositories (Summer 2024)
  • Complete tutorial to guide users across building and using segmentation, transcription and classification Machine Learning models with Arkindex (Summer 2024)
  • Centralized Machine Learning models repository to share and sell models (Autumn 2024)
  • Support of Machine Learning metrics using existing best in-class tools (Winter 2024)

Join the Arkindex Community

We invite individuals and organizations interested in document processing to explore and contribute to Arkindex. Whether you're a developer wanting to contribute code, a researcher looking for an efficient document processing tool, or an amateur wanting to explore its possibilities, Arkindex has something for everyone.

Get involved by visiting the Arkindex repositories, trying out our demo or delving into our extensive documentation. Your insights, feedback and contributions are what drive Arkindex forward.

For further information

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