Drilling reports from the BRGM

Geosophy is developing a simulation tool that allows, from a simple address, to identify the available underground resources and to link the needs of a building with the possibility of drilling. This tool is based on a geological model of the underground. In order to improve this model, Geosophy needs to collect as much geological data as possible on the areas to be modeled. Thanks to the French Geological Survey (BRGM) archives, Geosophy has access to several hundred thousand drilling reports in France. However, these archival documents are only available in the form of images, from which the text and numerical data must be extracted.

TEKLIA brings to Geosophy its expertise in archival document processing to automate part of the information extraction. Using its Arkindex document processing platform, Geosophy's geologists identify and annotate the information to extract on the document images. The data scientists train information extraction models and process the thousands of documents. Finally, the geologists correct, validate and explore more easily the mass of documents, feed their physical model and improve their predictions for their clients.

TEKLIA and Geosophy are very pleased to collaborate on this project and to demonstrate that archival documents can contain useful data to address contemporary issues such as environment, energy and housing.