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TEKLIA and their partners Decalog, the French Archives Nationales, Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Musée de Bretagne are very proud to announce that their project CaptchAN has been awarded an Innovative Digital Service grant from the French Ministry of Culture.

The CaptchAN project will develop a captcha service using cultural and patrimonial data provided by partner cultural institutions. The goal is twofold: to provide an alternative to the commercial captcha services that make use of public websites users' free labour to improve private data, and to accelerate the indexation of public archives and libraries' documents.

The idea of the CaptchAN project first originated during the Archives Nationales' 2018 hackathon, and TEKLIA then joined in to develop a prototype and work on the security and ethics sides of the project.

TEKLIA will contribute its expertise on IIIF and its document processing platform Arkindex.

See the official announcement on the French Ministry of Culture's web site


TEKLIA provides services and software for information extraction from digital and digitized documents. Using the most recent advances in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, TEKLIA is able to analyze and understand any document, historical or contemporary, and extract from it valuable information. TEKLIA is involved in a number of national and European research projects, and provides services to companies in various sectors (legal, financial, medical, IT).

Image: Base Léonore, Archives Nationales