Teklia is looking for a system administrator intern for a 6 months period, ideally beginning in January / February 2023. Our sysadmin team is composed of Bastien (Teklia CTO) and Thibault. Thibault is Teklia's sysadmin since April 2021 and will supervise the internship.

You will join this small team and take part in the sysadmin projects of the company along with the every day tasks of a sysadmin in a professionnal environment. There is no helpdesk, all our employees are proficient Linux users, and rarely needs help with their own laptop. We maintain ~ 30 servers with different services using multiple cloud providers, as well as self hosted servers.

You will also work on new projects Teklia want to explore. You will test your solutions, present them to the team and bring your ideas in order to deploy and integrate them in a production environment. You will also document and monitor you work to make sure of its efficiency.

Technical Environment

  • Linux environment (Ubuntu LTS)
  • Ansible role deployments
  • Docker based infrastructure
  • Ceph cluster
  • VPS + hosted bare metal server
  • Manage users and accesses with LDAP
  • Work with Gitlab

Keywords : Shell, Python, Ansible, LDAP, Postgres, Docker swarm, Ceph Radosgw, Prometheus, Grafana, Gitlab.


  • Redesign the VPN architecture, isolate environments, increase security and access management.
  • Test Ansible Tower, integrate, deploy and manage accesses for internal users.
  • Take part in everyday sysadmin tasks like deploying new releases, onboard and configure new systems, manage internal applications, work with monitoring and alerting systems, write/edit Ansible roles, manage Ceph cluster.


  • Fully remote in Europe, with a preference in France (anywhere in France, really).
  • Also possible to work partially or fully from our offices in Paris & Grenoble.


  • Monthly salary from 800€ up to 1000€; to discuss according to profile.
  • Lunch tickets.


Bastien Abadie, CTO and Thibault Lavigne, System Administrator: send us an email at our personal addresses using the following pseudo code: sysadmin@{company_name}.com

or use the contact form. Gitlab/Github profiles and portfolios are most welcome !