Uploading to Arkindex

Uploading local documents to Arkindex

You can upload local images, or PDF files, to a project on Arkindex by clicking Import files in the Actions dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

This takes you to the file import interface, in which you must first select the local files from your computer


then upload them to Arkindex


then import them to the target folder. You can select the type of folder and element to be created by this import. The default types are folder and page.

Once the import is started, you can monitor its progress (but closing this won’t stop your import.)

When the import is complete, you can click the View Element button to take a look a the created folder and pages. You can change a folder’s name by clicking the pencil-shaped icon next to it.

You can also upload Transkribus documents to Arkindex.
You can use Arkindex to annotate your documents.

Header picture © Annie Spratt on Unsplash