Arkindex elements

Last update : 21/04/2020 by Christopher

element are the building blocks of the data organisation in Arkindex : they are used both to describe the organisation of a corpus in folders and pages and to describe the structure of the documents.

Description of a corpus structure

Corpora are usually organised in folders : folders can contain other folders, and eventually they contain pages :


In this examples an element of type region named BAITADI contains one element of type document named Operational Plans which contains three elements of type groups. The second group element named BAI.DE.10.03 contains one element of type section which finally contains two elements of type page with the corresponding images.

This hierarchy is composed of elements of different types but it could also be composed of elements of the same type, say folder. This choice is up to the user.

Elements have a name which is displayed in the tree and in the breadcrumbs :


In this example, region is a type of element and BAITADI is its name.

Elements can have an unlimited number of meta-data :


A meta-data is composed of a key (name), a type and a value. The name of the meta-data is free, the value is also free but can be constrained by the . The possible types are