Arkindex Release 0.14.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Arkindex version 0.14.2, enabled on our main instance

Workers and processes 🤖

We have now officially deprecated the old workflow system (no more MLTool). These informations were still present in the backend, even though they were not exposed in the frontend. This should not change anything if you upgrade from 0.14.1

A few more updates have been made on this system:

Secrets for processes

Arkindex processes can now use secret values safely (like third party providers credentials).

Those secret values can either be in JSON, YAML or simple text formats; they are encrypted at rest using AES.

They are set by Arkindex instances administrators, through the web admin interface.

More documentation will come soon on this website 📖


We have added a bunch of performance optimizations on the backend:

New endpoint to create multiple elements

A new API endpoint named CreateElements is available, allowing developers to create multiple elements at once. It’s made to be really fast, and targeted towards Machine Learning workflows.

More information is available on the API reference


And a lot of effort went into fixing small bugs all over the frontend. Here are the most important and visible changes: