Arkindex Release 0.14.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Arkindex version 0.14.1, enabled on our main instance


Arkindex now relies on the postgis database extension for Postgresql. This will allow us to develop new features that will take advantage of its geographical computing capabilities.

We already use said features to bring some performances and data checks improvements regarding the image zones.


GitLab repositories

Arkindex now checks and require that you have Maintainer or Owner access to a Gitlab repository when using the Add repository feature. This is required to enable the webhook on the project.

You can always fork a repository to gain ownership.


We have worked a lot to improve the new workers system based on Git repositories.

It’s now possible to see precisely which elements are used when starting a new Process. You can pick an element, then load all its children, and finally filter by a specific type (to pick all the Page nested under a Volume for example).

This selection is directly used by the ML workers (simplifying our previous implementation, and thus avoiding bugs !).

You can again split the workload by chunks (up to 10), so that different workers run in parallel (this feature was missing in 0.14.0 in comparison with the previous workflow system)

The Docker image build has also been enhanced:

Finally, you can view which worker version has produced elements, transcriptions, classifications or entities, by hovering over the name of the worker. A small popup will appear with details.

API endpoints





Arkindex Base worker