Admin guide

Last update : 21/04/2020 by Chloƫ

This guide is intended for Arkindex administrators.

Rights and corpus

Several levels of access rights are possible for a user:

RightsSuper adminCorpus adminWriting rights on corpusRead-only access
User creation
Corpus creation
Element deletion
Corpus deletion

Create a corpus

Only site administrators can create corpora. The administrator can then assign rights on a corpus to other users. To change user permissions, go to Admin, Users. A user can have read-only, writing or admin rights on a corpus.

A corpus can be deleted either by a site administrator, or by a user with writing rights on that corpus.

Allowed metadata

In the Django admin, click Allowed meta datas to add metadata types to a corpus. You select the corpus, then the metadata type, and finally the name that will be displayed to users in the interface.

The administrator can also add metadata individually by Free edit. In this case, the metadata are added only on the concerned element and can be modified or deleted by all administrators having access to the Save corpus. When you return to the corpus, Add a new metadata, you choose the metadata to add, insert the value, and finally Create.

[Ajout Screen pour free edit]